mobile Firewood Processor - TMS-400 Diesel Sägespaltanlage
The sawing system consists of a motor with 6000 r / min and a 47-inch sword
1.5 slot width with 3/8 full chisel chain and 74 drive links. (Supplied with the splitter is a sword and 1 chain to do so.)
The hydraulic system is powered by a diesel engine with 38.5 hp and a nip pressure of 12 tons at a speed of 3 - 5 seconds.
The integrated cross-and longitudinal promotion guarantees even roundwood supply. Through the use of a diesel engine can be completely independent of other energy sources, and the wood can always be processed on the spot.
The machine is equipped with a 80km / h road chassis, sodas can be worked as wood at a greater distance.


+ Max. Log diameter: 40cm
+ Log number: 2/4/6
+ Log length: 250 - 600 mm
+ Splitting knife height adjustment: manual (optional hydraulic)
+ Chainsaw and terminal are actuated by hydraulic (Sword 450 21 mm

print date: 21.09.2021 19:40:59