Log Splitters - Spaltgerät EHG80
The splitting wedge is driven by the oil while the lateral surface of piston in the stem, while the reaction force is absorbed by the penetrating into the front face of the stem cross-cutting. In fibrous wood, and long stems, the device can be carried across (see picture left). This gap can often be expanded to 22 cm width. Through the use of the portable device, the columns of pulpwood is greatly facilitated and accelerated. The heavier can be split crowns or root sections, the more efficient is the use of the device. The pieces are to be split into their respective positions on the ground lying cut as required one or more times.


The EDER gap EHG80 device is powered by 2 hydraulic connections (tractors, Unimogs, hydraulic power unit) with energy. In this case, make sure that a connection is depressurized (= return). Over on the cylinder side handle mounted control valve can be controlled in the forward and backward stroke of the splitting device. For the protection of all the components is at the factory into the hose connecting a pressure relief valve installed, which limits the oil pressure bar 150. The 10 meter long hydraulic hose connection between supply and splitting tool enables a sufficient range of motion for the operator.


• Weight 16 kg
• wedge L x W mm 180/120
• Pressure expansion jaws 7.5 tons
• Oil pressure max. 150 bar
• 200 mm stroke
• tearing across max. 220 mm
• Flow min. 10 l / min
• Extended length 100 mm
• Hose length (longer optional) 10 m

print date: 21.09.2021 19:02:00